Hidatei Hanaougi
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1 night and 2days including Breakfast

This is a one night stay deal including breakfast. Dinner is NOT included. Either Hida Takayama local breakfast or western breakfast is available. ※ Booking essential.

Hida beef special meal

Hida beef is one of the best kinds of wagyu beef, and you will enjoy it locally. Our special dinner includes various dishes of Hida beef.

Located at  tranquil Hida Takayama

Accommodation only

This deal does not include both dinner and breakfast. You can dine out at local restaurants or shops while you are sightseeing. Please relax in your Japanese tatami room and enjoy our hot springs.

Five reasons to stay at Hanaougi

1 night and 2 days including Dinner and Breakfast


In general, a Japanese ryokan offers a 1 night and 2 day stay including dinner and breakfast service. We proudly offer a Kaiseki Course Dinner. Enjoy our seasonal food and natural hot springs.